Mini ATM
March 25, 2015


Transform your shop into a mini ATM point by offering cash withdrawal facility to your customers and in your locality. A unique service that will make your shop stand out from the rest, increase footfalls and give you an additional revenue stream through commissions. Customers can use any of their debit cards (issued in India) to with draw money using mPOS card reader. Customer’s no longer have to search for ATM’s, travel longer distances and wait outside the ATM in queue to withdraw money. All the transactions are 100% secure with multiple levels of authentication and approved by RBI.

In just 3 Easy steps, Customers can withdraw cash using their debit cards.

  1. Customer visit the Mini ATM point and request for cash
  2. Merchant swipe / insert customers debit card for the amount required
  3. Merchant hand over the requested amount to the customer

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